CDM Atlanta, Inc.

120 Howell Road

Tyrone, GA  30290


404 487 5336






I.              Purpose


                A.            The principal goal of our program is to ensure equal employment opportunity for minorities and females,

                                and to ensure and maintain a working environment free of harassment, intimidation and coercion at all

                                places of employment.


B.                   CDM Atlanta, Inc. has adopted the following Affirmative Action Program to be instituted in order to

                comply with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 entitled Equal Employment Opportunity and to

                comply with Executive Order 11246 and subsequent orders, if any.



II.            Policy


                A.            CDM Atlanta, Inc. is committed to nondiscrimination in hiring and employment.  Applicants will be

                                considered without regard to sex, creed, national origin, age, race or color.  Employees will be treated

                                equally in consideration of advancement, including transfer, promotion, benefits, and compensation.

                                Nondiscrimination has always been practiced by CDM Atlanta, Inc. and will continue to be our policy.


B.                   In addition to nondiscrimination, CDM Atlanta, Inc. will actively seek to employ persons who have

                historically been denied the opportunity to participate on an equal basis in the business community.  We     

                will encourage and cooperate with our clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and authorized agencies to

                promote the training, employment, and advancement of females and minority groups without regard to

                characteristics not relating to actual qualifications and/or requirements.



III.           Responsibilities


                A.            To oversee the implementation of these policies, Michael J. Lennon, President, has appointed Nancy A.

                                Nowacki as the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.


                B.            The responsibilities of the E. E. O. Officer include, but are not limited to, the following duties:


                                1.             The development and implementation of policies.


                                2.             The dissemination of the Company's policies both internally and externally.


                                3.             Monitoring and reporting to the President and other supervisory personnel the latest

                                                developments in the area of affirmative action.


                                4.             Identifying and overcoming roadblocks to nondiscrimination and affirmative action.


                                5.             Periodically discussing the Company's goals and accomplishments in the areas of equal

                                                opportunity with CDM Atlanta, Inc.'s managerial staff.


                                6.             Conducting orientation lectures for all new managerial employees to ensure familiarity with the






CDM Atlanta, Inc.



                Equal Employment Opportunity Policy


IV.           Dissemination of Policy


                A.            Internal -- The Company will:


                                1.             Review this policy semi-annually at management and supervisory meetings.


                                2.             Enact this policy in all hiring and employment procedures


                                3.             Attest to the Company's policy of nondiscrimination and affirmative action in job interviews.


                                4.             Periodically review and update the policy with all employees responsible for hiring and/or

                                                supervising personnel, and any other employees in a position to transmit or enhance CDM

                                                Atlanta, Inc.'s Affirmative Action Program.


                                5.             Post on all jobsite and office bulletin boards CDM Atlanta, Inc.'s Affirmative Action Program.


                                6.             Consider in evaluating job performance the effectiveness of managerial and supervisory

                                                personnel in the implementation of the Company's policies.


                                7.             Assign inexperienced minorities and female personnel to on-the-job training work, when such

                                                work is available.


                                8.             Maintain a current file of names, addresses, and telephone numbers of each minority or female

                                                applicant or agency referral and record the reason if such a person is not employed.


                                9.             Notify the Compliance Director when recruitment sources fail to supply minority persons or

                                                women requested.


                                10.           Encourage present minority and female employees to recruit other minority persons and women

                                                and where reasonable provide after school and vacation employment to minority and female



                                11.           Review on each job all employee's work for job progression and promotional opportunities

                                                without discrimination.


                                12.           Ensure that seniority, work assignments, and job classifications are not used to promote   

                                                discriminatory practices.


                                13.           Ensure that all facilities and company activities and programs are nonsegregated.


                                14.           Document all Affirmative Action activities so as to show results obtained and that good faith

                                                actions have been taken.


15.                 Document and maintain a record of all solicitation of others for sub-contracts from minority or

                female construction contractors and suppliers.









CDM Atlanta, Inc.



                                16.           Contribute to or utilize Training Programs which include minorities and females.


                                17.           Supply management leadership in recruiting and promoting females and minorities.


                                18.           Equitably administer and validate any employment prerequisites such as education and/or testing.


                                19.           Conduct a review, no less than annually, of all supervisors' adherence to and performance under

                                                CDM Atlanta, Inc.'s Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Affirmative Action goals.


20.                 Conduct a review, no less than biannually, of the Company's effectiveness in meeting goals and     




                B.            External -- The Company will:


                                1.             Disseminate the Company's E. E. O. policy to referral agencies and training programs,         

                                                requesting their cooperation.


2.                    Maintain a current list of minority and female job applicants, recruitment sources and         

                community organizations and provide written modification to the same when seeking employees.

                                                The company shall maintain a record of these individuals' and organizations' responses.


                                3.             Direct recruitment efforts for minority and female persons both oral and written to community

                                                organizations and institutions that are likely to have such persons.


                                4.             Provide written notification to and discuss this policy with other contractors and subcontractors

                                                with which CDM Atlanta, Inc. does or anticipate doing business.


                                5.             Place employment advertising with media with high minority and female audiences.


                                6.             Place an emphasis on our status as an Equal Opportunity Employer in all solicitation.


V.            Utilization Analysis and Procedures in the Event of Underutilization


                A.            CDM Atlanta, Inc. will periodically evaluate the Company's utilization of females and minorities with

                                regard to their availability.


                B.            In job categories where CDM Atlanta, Inc. should fail to utilize females or minorities with parity to their

                                availability for employment the Company shall:


1.                    Intensify recruitment efforts through media and referral sources likely to attract females and/or















CDM Atlanta, Inc.



                                2.             Evaluate present employees with consideration to their capability and/or availability to assume or

                                                be trained for positions currently deficient in females and/or minorities.


                                3.             Encourage all supervisors to advocate to females and/or minorities in their employ the

                                                opportunity for advancement within the company.


                                4.             Seek to refill vacated positions with females or minorities.


                                5.             Target the deficient job categories for discussion in managerial meetings.


                                6.             Ensure that selection of employees shall be based solely on job qualifications.


VI.           Summary


                                CDM Atlanta, Inc. reaffirms herewith our dedication to the principles and objective underlying this Equal

                                Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Program.


                                This company recognizes the adverse effect on society when individuals and/or groups are the victims of

                                discrimination totally unrelated to their capabilities.  The company further recognizes that the effective

                                reversal of the effects of discrimination is contingent on the active implementation of the aforestated



                                We encourage all clients, associates, subcontractors, suppliers and employment agencies to actively

                                prescribe to a policy of equal employment and affirmative action procedures.







                                                                                                Nancy A. Nowacki, General Manager and E.E.O.O.